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TAMIYA SW 1/8" Schnellwechselkupplun

TAMIYA SW 1/8" Schnellwechselkupplun
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TAMIYA SW 1/8" Schnellwechselkupplun Art.Nr.: 300074561Art.bezeichnung: SW 1/8"... mehr
Produktinformationen "TAMIYA SW 1/8" Schnellwechselkupplun"

TAMIYA SW 1/8" Schnellwechselkupplun

Art.Nr.: 300074561Art.bezeichnung: SW 1/8" Schnellwechselkupplung (1)Repeatedly hooking up your airbrushes to the hose and air supply can be something of a pain when you need more than one airbrush for a job. Say goodbye to those worries, with the Quick Hose Joint, which allows you to connect airbrush and hose with a single touch – simply slot in to connect and slide the center section to detach!Item Contents/Information• Quick Hose Joint x1• Plugs x2• Joint size: Type-S (PF-1/8)• Compatible with all Tamiya Spray-Work series airbrushes. Spray-Work Basic Airbrush requires separately sold Connector Joint (Item 74536).• Not compatible with Tamiya Badger airbrushes, air cans or Basic Compressor.

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